I've been thinkin' bout things lately
Bout where we're goin' and where we've been
What really matters that's the question
So busy marking losses and counting wins

I was raised to pay attention
To challenge what you know, question what your told
How did we end up so divided
If I don't adopt what you and I are sold

Have we forgotten how to be people
What makes us human through and through
What makes us breath, What makes us bleed
What makes me just like you

Yet here we are we think so different
Are we drawing lines, Is it black and white
Angry words They hurt they cut me
But If I just give up our story dies

Have we forgotten how to be patient
I know you're hurting, I'm worried too
need you to stay, Meet me half way,
I still believe in you

Have we forgotten how to be gentle
When words are weapons then we both lose
Release the shame resist the blame
Call back the light I love in you

These are confusing matters
But what really matters, is you
We'll sift through the sticks and stones we say
We'll build on the clay and shape our way
To truth, of me and you

Have we Forgotten we can be Heroes
We can move mountains, We'll walk thru flames
Cross the divide, dig deep inside
building bridges, we make change

Cause what makes us different,
makes us human makes us the same
Oh have we forgotten